The Benefits of Staying with a Host Family as a Foreign Exchange Student in Bordeaux ​

If you are planning a language stay or french courses in France, fancy discovering Bordeaux or want to experience the culture and history France has to offer, staying with a host family can be a fantastic option. 

Staying with a host family provides you with the best possible opportunity to immerse yourself in french culture, improve your french language skills and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Regarding Bordeaux, here are the reasons why a host family could be the best option for your stay.

Total Immersion IN FRENCH

Immersion Immersion Immersion ! 

Living with a local family enables you to fully immerse yourself in the French language and culture. Here, you will have countless opportunities to practise your French, from the dinner table to the family excursions. 

This will vastly improve your French as you learn new expressions, pick up on nuances and gain conversational skills you probably wouldn’t learn in a classroom or from a textbook.

Cultural exchange​

There is no substitute for the real deal, staying with a host family is the best way to discover authentic local culture first-hand. 

You will participate in daily French life, discover local traditions, and taste genuine French cuisine. 

Throughout your stay, you will gain a French perspective of customs, social norms and values which can help you delve further into learning the language.

Learning the FRENCH language with a personal touch

Private lessons are normally quite expensive, however, with a host family you will receive personalised attention and support all the time, especially more so here than with other available accommodation options. 

Here you will be able to pick up on little nuances in the french language, some of which can’t be taught in the classroom.

Formation professeurs

Host families, the most economic way to stay nIN FRANCE AND BORDEAUX

If you are trying to be as economical as possible, staying with a host family is often more affordable than renting an apartment. Not only will you receive a comfortable room, but daily meals and guidance at a fraction of the cost if you were to go via other means. 

This is especially beneficial if you have budget constraints and still want to experience everything. Families will often take their guests on excursions to show off the very best of what Bordeaux has to offer.

Staying in a Safe and Secure location in France​

If you are staying with a family, it can provide you with a relaxing and safe atmosphere you might not get in a rental apartment. All our host families have been personally visited and signed a charter. 

As you settle into your new country, having a surrogate family can help remove some of the stress and pressure, enabling you to make the most out of your stay. Additionally, in the event of a medical emergency, they will be able to support you and help you if required.


To summarise, living with a host family throughout your language stay at Newdeal in Bordeaux will be an incredibly rewarding experience. 

From the level of immersion, and affordability to the level of cultural exchange, there are plenty of reasons why staying with a host family is a fantastic option for you. What are you waiting for? Come and stay with a host family to make the most of your time in Bordeaux and experience something new.

my personal experience staying with host families -
staying with a host family review

I have had the fortune of staying in four host families in my time and can reassure you that I had a fantastic time every time. Each host family was a unique experience, unanimously going above and beyond to ensure that I had a fantastic time. From family holidays to football matches, staying with a host family has so many perks.

Immersion is as immersive as it sounds. Living daily French life and experiencing the nuances of the language was fantastic. The families always provided meals for me in the evening, always with the region’s specialities and were my favourite bit of the day. Socialising over the food whilst discussing different topics each night drastically improved my French. I was able to pass my A-Level French speaking with a 100% score which felt amazing.

Cultural exchange was fantastic too, with one of my host families living on a farm it was the opposite of what I was used to. Having a phobia of dogs and living with five German Shepherds was a shake-up, but I soon got over my fear and thoroughly enjoyed a completely different way of life! The highlight was driving a tractor.

Financially staying with a host family enabled me to save loads of money. The families cooked my meals for me and took care of me. All of them had children so it was fun having surrogate siblings. Finally, regarding friendships, I am still in contact with some of the families, with one family making the journey over to Cornwall and staying with us.


To summarise, staying with host families has always been a fantastic experience for me! 

When I come to France to top up on my French, I find it much more effective to stay with a host family as opposed to private accommodation. My honest opinion is that as it is a budget option it is often overlooked. I think your return on investment is much higher as you can complete any goal you set for yourself. If you’re on the fence I would just give it a go, it is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and discover something new.


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