wHy should i study abroad and
learn french in a language school?

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to experience a different culture, forge new friendships and broaden your horizons.

But have you ever considered studying abroad in a language school?  This article will provide you with the reasons why you should consider it!


When studying French or any language, it is essential to be immersed in the language. 

Studying abroad in France ensures that you will be fully immersed in the French language

Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to speak with native speakers every day, the best way to improve your language skills and pick up on the nuances of the language!

This level of immersion is almost impossible to recreate in your home country and has to be experienced first-hand.

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Fast learning

Studying abroad in a language school will accelerate your learning miles (or Kilometres) beyond a traditional classroom

You’ll be continuously exposed to French, enabling you to pick up on a diverse range of vocabulary and nuanced grammar rules far faster than in a traditional classroom.

Culturally enriching

Studying abroad in a language school also means that you are immersed in another culture. You will be living amongst, encountering and befriending local French individuals who will give you their unique perspective on their culture and way of life in France. This cultural immersion will be invaluable towards your personal growth and expand your understanding of other countries cultures.

Personal growth

Personal growth while studying abroad contributes to the career benefits of studying abroad in a language school

Many employers value the experience employees have gained by living and working in other cultures. Studying abroad demonstrates skills such as the ability to adapt, willingness to learn and of course resilience – all key skills in the professional world.

Lifelong friendships

Finally, by studying abroad in our French language school Newdeal Institut in Bordeaux, you will have the opportunity to forge friendships with people from all over the world. 

Here in our international classes, you will be able to gain more than just the French perspective, with over 400 students from 55 different nationalities each year, this is the ideal opportunity to meet a diverse group of individuals and share your cultural differences and grow as an individual.


In summation, studying abroad in a language school such as Newdeal Institut provides a fantastic platform to learn French

Benefit from being fully immersed in the French language and culture accelerated learning and a journey of personal growth all at the same time.

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