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Welcome to France and welcome to Bordeaux!

Our French programme for beginners

Keys to success in learning the basics of French

About the French for beginners programme…

Newdeal Institut offers special start dates for beginners.

It is entirely possible to start 2 to 3 weeks after the initially planned date, provided you have followed our online preparation programme in advance.

In addition to your chosen face-to-face course, our easy to use e-learning platform enables you to improve your French in everyday or professional situations.

Our French learning platform provides 8 comprehensive modules of around 1h30 each. Each module will introduce you to a communication topic combined with grammar, vocabulary and phonetics.

You learn the basics of the French language efficiently, thanks to our interactive presentations with images and audio, downloadable French PDF course sheets and numerous self-correcting exercises. A final “assessment” module will offer you several written tasks to help you measure your progress and evaluate your level of French.

Our online platform is also available via mobile application.

It gives you unlimited access to our Learning Management System for 1 month, enabling you to learn French remotely through our lessons and exercises.

Join us and learn to communicate in French!

courses for beginners:


Complete beginners

From 16 years old

Suitable for complete beginners


Platform to be used alongside your in-class lessons

Specific start dates for classroom sessions:



Independent work

Unlimited access for 1 month

E-learning platform

Included in the programme:

  • Independent study to support your course
  • 8 modules
  • Learning support from your teacher
  • End-of-course level test
Module français e-learning débutants
Students trained per year
Maximum number of students per class
Members of staff at your service
Quality FLE certified center

More information on our French course for beginners:

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