French AU PAIR course

An au-pair-friendly timetable

The AU PAIR French programme

The au pair programme

About the French au pair programme…

The Au-pair French programme aims to work on students’ written and oral skills. Our French au pair course is combined with our general French course and allows you to work on different aspects of the French language: phonetics, speaking, conversation, games, grammar and French culture.

The au-pair course allows you to progress throughout the term. It is organised over periods of 10 weeks with closed dates.

Our French course, specially designed for au-pairs, enables you to discover the French-speaking world and deepen your knowledge of France, Bordeaux and its culture, all while working on your French language skills.

French au pair lessons are interactive and fun The use of a variety of media, such as videos, songs and games, is a key factor in learning.

Our French language school in Bordeaux offers French as a foreign language courses specially designed for au pairs all year round.

The programme is divided into 3 terms from September to July.

The schedule is specially adapted to the needs of au pairs: no classes on Wednesdays or during school holidays.

The 8.45am – 12.00pm timetable allows participants to be available for the children and to carry out their duties with their host families.

The one, two or three term programmes offer personalised monitoring and individual care.

AU PAIR course:

Who is the course designed for?

From beginner to advanced levels

From 16 years old

International classes

How long does the course run for?

10 weeks

Fixed dates:

Back to school every Monday.
Registration before 15 April 2024.
Start dates for beginners: 08/10/2024 and 04/03/2024

Suitable for complete beginners


Group lessons (14 students per class maximum)

16 lessons per week

(1 lesson = 45 minutes)

Online evening French lessons

Programme dates

From January to April, flexible dates. Classes start every Monday up to and including 15 April.

Start dates for beginners: 08/01/2024 and 04/03/2024.

September 2024 (fixed dates)

Programme dates     From 16/09/24 to 06/12/24
Breaks     From 21/10/24 to 01/11/24
Bank holidays     01/11/24 – 11/11/24


Registration before 15/04/2024

  • 80 registration fee
  • 1 term (10 weeks) – €660

Included in the programme:

  • Placement test
  • School hand book
  • Weekly tutoring
  • End-of-course certificate
  • Learning support from your teacher

To take part in the au pair course and qualify for the special rate, you’ll need to provide proof of your status (au pair contract / visa etc…). You can even join the course as a beginner!

When you register, Newdeal Institut provides a letter of acceptance that you can submit for your visa application. The number of hours offered in the au-pair programme is sufficient for your visa request.

It is possible to have a delayed start if your arrival is delayed. In this case, the lessons you have not attended can be passed on to you before you are integrated into your class. However, it is not possible to postpone the programme end date.


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