Are you a teacher in the European Union? Take advantage of European academic programmes in Bordeaux to improve or learn French and perfect yourteachingpractices.

Start of classes
3 one week sessions
per programme each summer

Number of students
8-10 (max. 12)

Number of lessons
30 per week

1 or 2 weeks


Placement test
Online and upon arrival

9.15 to 12.30
and 2 to 5.15


Funding from the European Union covers language stays in France if they are part of an academic or training programme. In addition to taking courses abroad, this assistance can take the form of an internship and a French language course as part of Erasmus Plus programme. To finance your course with an Erasmus grant, contact your country’s Erasmus agency and enter the NEWDEAL INSTITUT OID code E10078465.


Our French courses for teachers are aimed at primary, secondary or higher education teachers. The objectives of these teacher training sessions are to improve and compare teaching practices, develop creativity and acquire new tools for the class.
It is also an opportunity to update your knowledge of France and the daily life of the French people, cultural news and French trends.
These teacher training sessions are also useful in finding solutions to energise courses, renew them and motivate students.
Our French school in Bordeaux offers two combination programs that revolve around language development courses (15 lessons per week) and training and pedagogical practice workshops (15 lessons per week)

Our French school boasts the “Teaching French as a Foreign Language Certification”,which guarantees you quality teaching and services.

label qualité FLE Français langue étrangère Bordeaux


9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Positive pedagogy
The aim of this module is to educate teachers about the complexity of learning processes and to give them the right tools in order to teach efficiently.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Fun in the classroom
Energise your class with motivating activities: Icebreakers, class rituals, the last 5 minutes, essential games.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Didactic news
The aim of this module is to enrich your knowledge of cultural, social and political news in France, to know how to integrate recent cultural aspects into your language course and to teach from a document related to cultural news.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Differentiated teaching
How to manage the heterogeneity of levels and profiles within the same group. How to set goals, manage progress, correct and evaluate.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Literature and creative writing
Learning French can also be achieved through the use of literature in the classroom. How can you get your students to discover and appreciate French works? What are the different ways in which students can work on the different skills using a literary text ?




Formation professeurs


9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: the action-oriented approach
Work by project, establish a cultural calendar, better understand the action-oriented perspective advocated by the European Reference Framework for Language Teaching
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Adapt your pedagogical approach
Know the theory of multiple intelligences to diversify educational approaches. Discover correction techniques and think about the different evaluation methods.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Literature and philosophical stories in French classes
Learning French also involves studying literary works. How to encourage students to write, be imaginative and use the language skills they have acquired to write a philosophical story.
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Voice, theatre and phonetics
Pitching your voice, having the right intonation and correct pronunciation are essential skills for communicating and making yourself understood. How to teach speaking in a fun way?
9.15 to 12.30: French lessons
2 to 5.15: Develop learner autonomy
Encourage students to work outside of class to maintain their level. Which preferred platforms? Mooc, e-learning? What strategies should be implemented to involve the students?

Here's what they think...

  • Best language school ever !

    Jennifer Germany
  • Great teachers, great environment and great price ! I learned a lot in my three months at the school. Could not have asked for a better time, and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn French in Bordeaux.

    Natalia Canada
  • When I arrived in France, I could not speak French, now, after 6 month , I have a good level of French, and the reason is nothing but great professors, professional management, friendly atmosphere, and their full support. Thanks to the Newdeal team !

    Nima Iran
  • Very nice people, good french teachers and nice place to learn a very difficult language:) I learn a lot in 9 weeks of french courses. Thank you very much!

    Paulina England
  • Loved it! a nice fun and chilled environment, where you meet knew people and discuss fun topics while improving your french language skill. Even though your're learning with other individuals, you still get a tailored experience according to your personal language level in small groups, which is worth the price.

    Carmen Guatemala
  • Very helpful french lessons in a small classroom environment. Great place to socialise with people who speak other languages and to improve your level of French.  

    Abigail Scotland
  • Great and very affordable environment to learn in! Great students, cool field trips over France, very very very friendly and engaging staff! Nicole was an amazing teacher, very engaged, patient, and really explained the nuances of French language! Oh and I can't forget Clara for communicating and arranging everything before and during my time at the Newdeal French institute. I learned a lot during my three weeks there and so will you if you have the desire. If France I could, I'd still be at there studying and Learn french in Bordeaux! Thanks all!  

    Song China
  • J'ai suivi un cours de français pendant deux semaines à Newdeal Institut de Français et je suis très contente parce que les cours dans de petits groupes étaient excellent, variés et enrichissants. On s'y sent à l'aise et on peut apprendre beaucoup dans une ambiance vraiment agréable. Ecole de Français Absolument recommendable 🙂

    Marina Allemagne
  • The best language school i've ever attended - hands down. Great, intelligent, friendly, flexible, professional professors, and an excellent curriculum. Would recommend 100%. Love it.

    Chris USA
  • Reception, pedagogy, quality of the courses and teachers, students from the 4 corners of the world, modern and pleasant premises, ease of access ... only positive points: I highly recommend. ....I really enjoyed my time here. The teachers were excellent and very welcoming. The whole atmosphere and culture were very positive. I'd be happy to come back in the future.

    Elisabeth United Kingdom
  • I arrived in France and Bordeaux with almost no french. Just basics. I went to Newdeal . Institute of French for 2 weeks to kickstart my French and it worked wonders. I definitely recommend more than 2 weeks if you have the time/money but it was super helpful to practice speaking French and developing sentence structure/responses. I learnt adjectives, past tense and how to make crepes! It feels more like a family and a home not a school of french. And the teachers adapt the lessons to what you want to learn. Couldn’t ask for more. 5 stars for me 😉

    Bayden Australia
  • The best place to come and learn french in France ! Teachers are great! The environment of the school of french is perfect! Totally recommended. The flexibility of when to start is great!

    Monica Guatemala
  • Il corso è stato molto utile. Vivo in Francia da gennaio e non conoscevo una sola parola in francese. Mi è bastato un mese di corso ed ora riesco a comunicare con tutti e a farmi capire. Le insegnanti Joanna e Amandine sono state strepitose! Amandine mi ha aiutata a perfezionare il mio cv in francese per cercare lavoro e mi ha dato preziosi consigli su come approcciarmi a un colloquio di lavoro. Lo consiglio à tutti, non solo per il costo più che onesto, ma soprattutto per l'attenzione dedicata allo studente (classi di 12 persone al massimo). Sicuramente ci tornerò per perfezionare ancora il francese. Grazie!  🙂

    Valeria Italia
  • Muy buena experiencia y genial profesorado. Tienen unos metodos de aprendizaje muy buenos.No tan solo te ensenan francés, sino como utilizar la lengua y como aprenderla por tu cuenta.Las clases son muy divertidas y muy practicas. Si tenias alguna duda o problema estaban dispuestos a solucionarlo y ayudarte. Se hacen diferentes talleres para así hablar el francés. Los profesores son muy majos y agradables; Ademas, esta muy bien comunicado por el tran, es barata y organizan actividades gratuitas.Una muy buena experiencia que recomiendo. Très bon travail, merci. 

    Ariane Spain
  • I come from Germany and did an intensive course at the New Deal Institute for three months during an exchange in Bordeaux. What makes New deal different from other schools is the friendly way the teachers treat the students, the flexible learning of French and the feeling that they have finally arrived. There I not only gained a lot of new experiences, but also made new friends. My French level slipped from A1 to B1. The intensive course was fun with French brought. So it was a pleasure to go there. New Deal also offers promotions that take place alongside class. When you arrive in Bordeaux, you not only quickly learn the language, you also get to know people, the culture and Bordeaux. I hope see you soon !!! Thank you for everything!
    Xenia Allemagne
  • Sehr empfehlenswerte Schule in gut erreichbarer Lage. Alle Mitarbeiter waren sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.

    Karsten Germany
  • Nice and flexible environment to practice French language. They cater for all levels, and the french school's facilities are good. Definitely recommend 😉

    Richard England
  • Was a wonderful experience for me. ı would advise to everyone who wants to learn French while feeling at home.

    Isik Turquie
  • NewDeal is a wonderful school for students wanting to come to Bordeaux temporarily or for those who live here and want to learn French. My husband and I have been at the school since last summer, and are very happy that we chose NewDeal. The schedules are flexible for those with families and jobs and they are happy to help you find what works for you. We couldn't be happier and are sad that our time at the school is coming to an end. We've had most of the French professors at the school, and are never unsatisfied. They all bring their own unique personalities and skills to the classroom, and we will miss them all dearly.

    Brittany USA
  • French professors put enough attention to students, it's not a problem to explain and answer on every of our question. Good atmosphere and the school in the center of Bordeaux is nice too, as well as the price is acceptable.

    Lucija Croatie
  • Wonderful French school in Bordeaux! It is pedagogical, has great french teachers, and it is also very social - one feels welcome. I stayed for 4 weeks (12 hours of French) in small groups, and I would highly recommend it! Thank you for having me, and I would love to come back at some point! 🙂

    Ellen Danemark
  • Excellente équipe, atmosphère chaleureuse et souriante, beau décor du centre de formation, bien située, de petits groupes, activités variées qui convenaient très bien à nos niveaux de français... Fortement recommandé !

    Fiona Ireland
  • I learned French for 6 months at Newdeal and made incredible progress. All of the teachers are very professional, attentive and friendly as well as the other staff. What I liked most was that the people there were very humane and supportive. If one is looking for learning French in a friendly environment, Newdeal is the way to go.  I recomend it to everyone!

    Max Allemagne
  • Súper buena experiencia y profesores bien calificados! Hacemos talleres y actividades diferentes que hacen el curso mucho más ameno. Para aprender francés, genial. Y buen precio.

    Monica Spain
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