General conditions of sale of our exams


Payment for the exams is taken at the time of registration.
Registration for the various exams is conducted via the software Calendly (TCF IRN, DELF/DALF, TOEIC) or by email request to, (TCF TP, TCF Canada, TCF Quebec)

DELF/DALF: A candidate cannot sign up for two exam levels in the same session. Similarly, a candidate cannot sign up for a DELF exam session if they are currently waiting for a result. Once the exam has been passed, a candidate may only retake the same exam, after submitting a request to France Éducation International.

TCF : There must be a delay of 30 days between each attempt.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE (is subject to availability):

– DELF DALF : Registration closes one month prior to the exam
– TCF IRN on a computer : Up to 48 hours before the exam date
– TOEIC ONLINE on site : up to 24h before the exam date

Any registrations made after the deadline will not be taken into account.



All registrations are final, with no possible refunds.

More than 30 days in advance before the exam -> there is the possibility of rescheduling the exam.
Less than 30 days before the exam -> there is no possibility to change the date.

In the case of a major event : Valid supporting evidence must be presented and translated into French (candidate illness or death of a close one) where Newdeal Institut will undertake the change of date of the exam subject to the acceptance of France Éducation International.



The test conditions are provided by the examination board.
If a candidate arrives late to the exam, the examination centre will refuse entry to the exam room.

Individual tests regarding the DELF/DALF may take place on a different day to the writing tests. Two slots are communicated to the candidates on their invitation sent at least 3 weeks before the exam. Not a single change can be made.


Any fraud or attempted fraud will be sanctioned. The individual responsible for an offence will incur a sanction that can go as far as a five-year ban on taking exams.


The final results are available from :
DELF/DALF: between 1 and 2 months for the exams
TCF: Between three weeks and a moth
TOEIC ONLINE: Between 1 and 3 days
TOEIC sur papier : Between 7 and 15 days

In the event of a failed exam, a candidate can reregister :
DELF/DALF : For the next exam session
TCF : After 30 days of the exam
TOEIC ONLINE : For the next exam session
TOEIC sur papier : For the next exam session

Once candidates have received an email regarding their results are available, candidates are invited to come to the test centre and pick them up with their valid form of identity. Not a single result will be communicated by email or over the phone
Results sent by post will be sent after payment via recorded delivery. The charge for this is 10€ to a mainland French address and 15€ for an address outside of France.


Regardless of the result of the test, candidates can have access to their copies. To do this, the candidate must make an appointment by contacting :


Complaints must be made in writing and sent via post to Newdeal Institut